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Run Your Own Wing Chun School? Advertise With Us For Free

Feel free to contact us and advertise your school on our website. If you wish to advertise with us it’s free but we will require the following from you to ensure the quality of listings (unless you meet the requirements here🙂

  • Your identification (either Passport of driving license)
  • Your teaching certificate and who you represent or proof of your comprehensive training
  • To advertise your Wing Chun school you must have a minimum of 10 years intensive training. Proof of this maybe asked for.
  • The full address of your school including Street or Road Number, Street or Road Name, County or Province, Post Code or Zip Code, Country.
  • Times of your classes or a link to your website instead which provides times and classes.
  • We reserve the right to reject your request to be advertise with us.
  • By Pass Proof** if you are a well known and highly regarded Sifu we will not require such proof of experience, identification or certifications – nor will we if you are already mentioned as an affiliated and authorised teacher on the site of a highly regarded Sifu. We have this measure in place for those who are not affiliated with or have not been fortunate enough to have their name updated on a current Sifu’s website as an authorised teacher. We need some way of checking for quality of listings and this is the only way to do so in light of the above.