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Simply Wing Chun

Simply Wing Chun

I really like this book because of the indepth knowledge you gain of how Wing Chun works scientifically which I consider to be equally as important as learning how to apply Wing Chun. If anyone is interested in understanding how WC actually works from a bio mechanical perspective then Simply Wing Chun is a great read.

The book also excellent drawings showing the positions adopted for each Wing Chun arm/hand technique (tan sau, bong sau, fuk sau etc).

If you are looking for a book breaking down every position for each of the three forms however, Simply Wing Chun should not be your first choice as it comes short in the visual department for showing you each of three forms entire positions. If you are seeking reassurance on correct hand and leg positions for all three forms this book won’t give you that.

If however you are looking for a rich theoretical source on the first two forms Simply Wing Chun does deliver making it an ideal book for those with a good schooling in Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu and who wish to develop their understanding of what the forms bring to Wing Chun. For example in Shaun’s theoretical coverage of Siu Nim Tao he discusses amongst other things the breathing behind the movements, the posture (easily forgotten!), the Five Core Principles every student should adhere to and the meaning behind each of the three sections of the form.

In his Chum Kiu section Shaun covers the concepts and discusses the three sections.

I would actually consider Simply Wing Chun an intermediate students read and not a beginners. Although Shaun does an excellent job of describing Wing Chun in an easy to understand manner inevitably without some solid schooling in the art beginner students will find the book a little overwhelming.

If your an intermediate student I would say definitely buy this book, if you are just starting your training though come back to Simply Wing Chun later.

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Wing Chun Kung Fu: The Wooden Dummy


If your looking to understand how the wooden dummy forms are performed whilst also improving on what you have learnt in class or in a one on one teaching environment, Shaun Rawcliffe’s book offers an excellent read and view.

Unlike his first book ‘Simply Wing Chun’ which was aimed at in depth theory his Wooden Dummy book offers a generous collection of photographs showing each dummy position and some of the dummy forms potential application’s. This book will go along way to helping you improve your dummy training and ultimately your Wing Chun.

I particularly enjoyed reading the introduction that mentions Shaun’s experiences with Grand Master Ip Chun in Hong Kong in the early 1990’s. Of course the experiences are described in a modest sense and are actually there to help you understand the amount of training Shaun under went in order to learn the dummy forms from Grand Master Ip Chun.

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If your looking for a quality electronic book keeping you up to date with the latest on Wing Chun around the world then we recommend Wing Chun Illustrated. Not only does this book focus purely on Wing Chun but it contains plenty of interviews with many of the masters of Wing Chun teaching in countries both in the East and West. Each edition also has interesting articles on the history of particular branches of Wing Chun and the interpretations of the art.

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