Wing Chun Bangkok

There is currently one school that teaches Wing Chun in Bangkok located in Bang Na – They have classes regularly every week but their group class prices are more expensive than the UK and US.

However their facility is very professional and impressive so if you wanted to visit them for a few lessons as a travelling wing chun student then it’s well worth it. I currently cannot give my opinion on the teaching standard there as when I visited the class had been cancelled. However I plan on visiting them again shortly.

Getting There

You can get the BTS to Bang Na and after walking down the station stairs you can hop on a taxi bike and get their in 5 minutes for cheap.

I would recommend you use the bike taxi from the station as I walked there and back and though not the hardest walk to do, it does take a fair bit of time (probably a 20 minute walk).

Looking for a Chi Sau Partner for Free?

I have spent half of the 8 years I have been training in Wing Chun learning and practising forms due to travelling around the world where I have not been able to get wing chun lessons in English including regular Chi Sau practice.

Recently I have had the opportunity to apply forms in Chi Sau regularly as I have been living back in the UK. But it is always nice to meet up with fellow English speaking students when I travel for long periods abroad in Asia.

I am in Bangkok regularly because my twin brother lives there so if you are looking for a Chi Sau partner it would be great to meet up in one of the local parks. Chi Sau is definitely something I am the most keen on training more in the near future. If your reading this I hope to see you in Bangkok in the near future! Send me a message here