Chi Sau Videos

A collection of Chi Sau videos from YouTube that show some of the highest levels of skill in Wing Chun.

Grand Master Ip Ching & Master Samuel Kwok Explain Some Important Principles Behind Chi Sau

This is not a beginners video but one for developing students who wish to understand some important points of Chi Sau. Grand Master Ip Ching and Master Samuel Kwok explain the importance of using stepping and the turning stance when practising Chi Sau along with many other fundamental instructions.

Another Video by Grand Master Ip Ching & Master Samuel Kwok in Hong Kong Park demonstrating a very high level of skill in Chi Sau.

Grand Master Ip Chun & Sifu James Sinclair

Grand Master Ip Chun gives us a great example of how size can be overcome in Wing Chun when doing chi sau with Sifu James Sinclair. This is an old video shot in the late 1980’s in Manchester, UK.

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