Why Train With a Wooden Dummy?

If you haven’t got a training partner the wooden dummy is the next best thing for practicing fighting positions and techniques as a wing chun martial artist. Indeed it is actually better than a real partner in some ways. You can take the time to ensure correct training for your hands, feet and posture – you don’t have such a luxury when sparring or even performing drills with a partner – unless your partner is willing to wait a long time for you to examine every movement.

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Wing Chun’s Philosophy

Many people have heard of or practice Wing Chun around the world but not many know of which philosophy under pins the art. So which philosophy is Wing Chun based upon?

To partially answer this question we can take a look at a book on Wing Chun with Yip Chun originally published in 1993, authored by Danny Connor, entitled – ‘Wing Chun Martial Arts: Principles & Techniques‘.

A Book on Wing Chun Martial Arts featuring Yip Chun

This book is an excellent summary of Wing Chun and it’s origins. It’s a solid book to give to beginners and those interested in learning about Wing Chun – not necessary everything to do with the foundations but a mixture of both history, principles and philosophy. I remember when I first read the entire book and realized that perhaps the most valuable information in the book was right at the back.

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